Sport for kids and toddlers

Many parents think that their toddler or their kid doesn’t have to be exposed to sports at a very young age. This is wrong and needs to change. Here are few reasons why you should let your toddler engage in some form of physical activity such as dancing, swimming or joining a junior football team.

Makes them physically active

Sports makes kids physically active. Most parents don’t let their toddler play sports as they are concerned for their child’s safety. As a parent it is natural for you to be concerned about your child falling while playing or drowning while swimming. This is why many academies allow parents to be around their children while they are playing. However, if you are a busy person and cannot afford to do this, then you should make sure that you put them in a reputed academy. For example swimsafer Singapore is a great place for your kids which ensures that they are completely safe. All the coaches here are well experienced and they also have life guards in case of an emergency. According to a research 75% of kids under 8 years of age are addicted to a smart phone or a tab. This could lead to other problems in future such as obesity. So engrossing your kid with physical activist will ensure they are less addicted to smart phones.

Helps them in future

Sports has long term benefits. Kids who engage in sports have better communication skills. They are likely to coordinate better in teams and get along with others as sports requires them to maintain healthy relationship with their team members. Also parents have this misconception that if their child gets too involved in sports then he/she would neglect studies. This is wrong because according to a study kids who performed well academically were equally good at sports. This is because sports teaches them to be disciplined and learn to manage their time. Moreover not all kids are good with studies so if they are good at a specific sport such as basketball or football then they could even get scholarships through it. Also those who play sports are like to turn out as extroverts this is good as they wont have a fear in communicating with people in future.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits engaging in sports at a young age also makes one flexible. For example they can dance better and also do various forms of exercises as they grow up. Lastly if one is exposed to sports at a young age they are are likely to take it more seriously and also make it part of their life such as make healthy choices when it comes to food.