Getting Ready for Horse Racing – Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid

As you may very well know, when going for a horse racing event, it is absolutely essential for you to dress up. You need to look your best since you are not just going for any game, but an upper-class entertainment sport. Since this is all very exciting, you can easily pick the wrong thing to wear out of nervousness. If you want to avoid this mess, make sure to look out for the following wardrobe mistakes when getting ready.

Trying Out New Combinations

When going for this event, it is always best to settle with the classic colour combination. There is a specific dressing style for horse racing and it is important for you to adhere it. While there is nothing wrong with experimenting, remember that you are going to be pretty embarrassed if your attempt fails. The classic colour combination for this event is monochrome. So, try this out before you opt for anything else.

Not Dressing for Your Age

While you might want to look younger and try out new trends, remember that it is essential for you to dress for your age. Try not to wear new trashy outfits since they will not suit the occasion. In the same way, if you are young, try not to dress like a senior citizen. Wear things that will make you look young and beautiful. In this case, opting for a fillies collection hat is an excellent idea. The beautiful design and the lacy outlook will definitely make you look stunning in your outfit.

Matching the Dress to the Course

You must never dress your outfit to the race course that you are going to. If the stadium is following a particular theme, try not to fit into that. If you do, you will just look like a prop. Doing so will make you look more like a horse than a spectator. So, make sure to wear something that contrasts the race course. This way, you can make sure that your outfit is not weird.

Not Wearing a Coat

If you are visiting the event during winter, it is essential for you to take a coat or jacket. Of course, this cannot be the everyday jacket that you take to work. While this piece of clothing is there to keep you warm, remember that its primary purpose is to enhance the overall beauty of your outfit. So, make sure that the coat you wear will complement your dress or blouse. This will prevent your jacket from looking out of place.

Avoiding these mistakes will not only save you from embarrassment, but will also make you look absolutely gorgeous.