How to Get Ready for a Caravanning Adventure

Ready to go on your first trip caravanning around in Australia? Caravanning in the Outback is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the continent. If you are going on a caravan trip for the first time, get ready for some surprises. It’s not like going on a road trip in a car, or the typical vacation package trip. Read below to learn about how to property prepare for your very first caravan adventure in Australia:

Plan Early and Make a Checklist

There will be a lot of planning involved when you go on your caravanning adventure. So it’s best to start early. To make things easier, create a checklist of things to do. For example, write down things like buying canned food, packing clothes, or getting extra fuel in a list so you won’t forget anything. It’s recommended to start planning weeks in advance. Don’t forget to read up on how to prepare using online resources or books.

Buy the Things You Need

A caravanning adventure requires some essential items. First and foremost, is a towing aid. You will have to buy one that is compatible with the caravan you are using. You will also need other essential items like a caravan jack, fire extinguisher, wheel chocks, towing mirrors, sway control devices, spare fan belts, and some other important tools. You absolutely must pack additional oil and coolant for your vehicle. Make sure a first aid kit is included as well. You might want to add things like gloves or aprons for dirty jobs. Caravanning is also about staying comfortable, so you might want to buy stuff like a mini fridge suitable for the vehicle. Buying all these things can be expensive. You can cut back on expenses by using discounts cards or online automotive deals Australia. Buying off the holiday season is a good way to reduce expenses too.

Service Your Caravan

Take your vehicle and caravan for servicing before you hit the road. Do this even if the vehicles are in good condition. You will need to have an auto mechanic professionally look over both vehicles just to be safe. It’s recommended to have this done about a month in advance. If your van needs a part replaced, then you will have plenty of time to place and order and make an adjustment. Never wait until the last moment to get the vehicles looked at.

Pay Attention to Fuel Needs

You will have to do a rough calculation for how much fuel you will need for the trip. Always do a liberal estimation. You can never really know how much you will need for sure. It’s highly recommended to pack extra fuel on the trip. While you are on the trip, be careful to save fuel. Don’t waste fuel driving around unnecessarily. Drive using steady gears to avoid excessive burning. Avoid travelling at high speeds because it will take a toll on the engine and increase fuel consumption. Drive at a moderate pace, and mind the traffic.

Also, keep in mind that caravans are not awfully spacious. So mentally prepare yourself to spend your trip in a rather confined space with other people.